Bay leaf products


Traditionally it has been used as a culinary herb because of its subtle taste and bitter aroma. It can be used fresh or dried. We always recommend using fresh leaves in certain dishes.


The prunings of the laurel are also processed into many natural products that have a healing effect on the skin. 


Lauretum has developed its own liqueur that can be used in many culinary preparations. 


Discover the entire range below.

Bay tree skim ointment

A natural and aromatic skin cream for legs, hands and face. Recommended for a dry skin.

Price: €6.5/piece 50 g
Price: €10/piece 100 g

Bay tree hand cream

A natural and aromatic hand cream based on bay tree oil. Recommended for a dry skin with cracks and cuts.

Price: €6.5/piece 50 g
Price: €10/piece 100 g

Savon d'allep

Alep soap, called after the Syrian city of Aleppo, is one of the oldest soaps known to man and a predecessor of the well-known Marseille soap. Alep soap is made of olive oil and bay tree oil or butter (an extract of the bay tree berry) and contains no alcohol. Has a disinfecting effect and is recommended for skin problems, such as acne and psoriasis.

Price: €6/piece 200 g

Shaving soap

A natural shaving soap based on bay tree oil.

Price: €14/piece 200 g

Home perfume

A fresh perfume that can be used in every home.

Price: €30/200 ml

Bay tree candle

Scented candles with natural, ethereal bay tree oil. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

White candles:  €15/piece
Terracotta candles: €16/piece


Potpourri with a delightful scent that we made with a base of ethereal bay tree oil. The holders are made of different materials: wood; grey, white and black freestone.

Price: €40/piece (without filling)
Price: filling: €13/piece

Bay leaf olive oil

Olive oil with bay leaf, ideal for meat or fish.

Price: €10/200 ml

Bay leaf liquor

This sweet bay leaf liquor can be used as a digestive. With a splash in a glass of cava or champagne, you make a refreshing "Kir bay leaf"

30% alcohol in a beautiful bordeaux bottle

Price: € 28/bottle 500 ml

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