Useful tips for pruning your laurel


When you take such a versatile ornamental plant as a laurel into your home and/or garden, you naturally want it to retain its shape for as long as possible. This evergreen plant can live for more than a hundred years with good care.

Maintains its beautiful shape

The beautiful shape they naturally have increases a little in volume and size every year, just like our hair does. If they do not do this, it will harm their own health and outlook. Young branches provide a denser structure and young shoots poke slightly out of shape. Of course, you want to maintain the perfect shape. Pruning and/or shearing is therefore necessary.

A cut here, a cut there, so that your laurel retains its shape year after year!

Difference between pruning and shearing

SPruning involves the use of pruning shears. The idea here is to cut off branch by branch where excess growth has formed. You get a very nice result here, but you have to be very patient.


When shearing, use a hedge trimmer or hedge shear; this can be manual or automatic. We prefer a hand hedge trimmer, where you can work more precisely and avoid brown edges.

Shave annually (several times)?

It is actually sufficient to shear your plant once a year. Twice can give an even more refined result, but it is not extremely necessary. It is best to plan the shearing during the winter rest period from November. Be sure to do this before March, but we recommend doing it before the new year.

With hedge shears in hand, the laurel holds its ground. A shave with love and precision gives it lasting allure!

You can plan a second additional pruning moment in early summer. Then the plants will remain in good shape for the rest of the year, there will be less chance of insects and the plants will evaporate less. So only advantages!

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