Zomerweg 20
B 8490 Jabbeke
T +32(0)50 81 17 43
F +32(0)50 81 40 03


Laurica-plants is a specialised bay tree nursery located in Jabbeke (near Bruges). The Devisch family company cultivates and sells superior-quality bay trees. In addition to a permanent team of skilled employees, the company has been using new, innovative and environmentally-friendly cultivation techniques for years.

Laurica-plants is known internationally as a market leader. The company’s assets include a large and standardised supply of uniform plants and perfect service. Laurica-plants supports successful wholesale sales and sales to garden centres. Laurica-plants guarantees high standards of quality. That’s why every plant sold is provided with a certificate of origin.

Laurica-plants also has a large range of tall and old bay tree trees. Commercial activities for these plants include sales and rental. A few years ago they were classified in a separate part of the company. The complex of cultivation fields, gardens, orangery and wintering halls was entitled 'Lauretum'.