The rich history of the laurel

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The sacred laurel doubles our strengths. Warms us inside, creating merry thoughts.

Vondel, Bespiegelingen van Godts wercken, 1662

A role in Greek mythology

Chronicles and myths from ancient Greece live on until today. One of those Greek myths tells about the origins of the laurel, namely when a desperate Daphne tries to escape from the inveterate womanizer Apollo.

In her desperation, she begs the gods for a solution, after which she is promptly transformed into a plant. Thus, the laurel was born. To demonstrate his loyalty to her, Apollo appropriated the laurel and promised to decorate his head with laurel sprigs until the end of his days.

The laurel story in Bruges.

From the 17th century onwards, the laurel became increasingly popular among the Bruges nobility. The noble tree grew into a true status symbol. From that interest and preference, an association 'Bloemlievende Gheesten' was founded in 1651. They met regularly, exchanged plants and organised competitions, …

In general, this created a very favourable climate in which horticulture could manifest itself throughout the following centuries.

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