Laurel - Other

Every laurel still originates from a seed or a cutting. Depending on which type is used, you will also get different growth and flowering. At Lauretum we rely on the Laurica-Plants nursery to provide high-quality laurels grown from cuttings.

Expanded family business

After years of collaboration within the family business led by founders André & Annie Devisch, Lauretum and Laurica-Plants each further expanded their expertise from 2019. While we (Sybiel & Tom) focused on the rental and sale of laurel, Elie & Marian focused on the production of the nursery.

From cutting to tree

Plants grown from seed have a robust root system and great vigour, with substantial differences in leaf shape, size and even aroma. Laurica-Plants allows their collection of laurel to bud and grow by taking cuttings to guarantee better quality.


Plants grown from cuttings grow more slowly but are much more uniform in terms of leaf size, shape and aroma. Their less vigorous root system ensures that the plants thrive better in a pot or tub, which means they have a longer shelf life. Cutted laurels are also better suited to being pruned and maintained in shape .

Plants and trees of the highest quality