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Pruning encourages growth. The more you prune, the more compact and fuller the plant will be. Manual pruning with pruning shears gives the best result. You can also prune larger plants with the hedge trimmer.

Summer pruning
In order to retain their desired shape, the longest shoots of the somewhat older plants (from 4 - 5 years) are pruned in the summer months. The stronger the shoot; the shorter you can prune it. They will then be just as strong as before.

If you prune before July it’s likely that every pruned shoot will double. The result is a more compact plant with more shoots.

Winter pruning
Winter pruning occurs from November to March. That’s when the plants are ‘shaped’. Lots of attention is paid to bringing the shape of the plant into balance. A pyramid always needs a wide and dense covering from the main trunk. In case of a ball on stem, the ball has to be perpendicular to the stem.

The diameter of the plant should only increase a few centimetres per year. The shorter you prune it, the more beautiful and compacter the plant will be. This is very important for later when the plants will be outdoors in all types of weather.

Young plants are pruned into shape without tools. The trained eye of an expert is all it takes… Older and more voluminous trees are sometimes pruned using a wooden structure for pyramids and columns and a pitch circle for ball shapes.